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ISDN interface IC

Manufacturer of purely digital ISDN Controller Integrated Circuits.

  • very deep FIFOs
    (Our chips can handle almost 1 full second of ISDN traffic on their own.)
  • integrated S/T interface
    (configurable into TE / NT mode by software)
  • very low power consumption
    (e.g.: only 8mA for HFC-S+ at 3.3V power supply)
  • operating power from 3V to 5V
    (pure CMOS technology)
  • built-in switching functionality
    (over PCM30 bus by using the built-in time-slot-assigner)
  • easy connection of telecom CODECs or U-chip
    (built-in 2MBit/4MBit serial telecom highway)
  • excellent price                                                                                                                    (1-chip pure CMOS solutions help you to reduce costs)
  • HFC-8S, 4S and E1
  • The HFC-8S is a HDLC B- and D-channel controller with 8 integrated S/T interfaces. It can be used for ISDN basic rate lines. All channels are served fully duplex by deep FIFOs. Also implemented is a PCM128 / PCM64 / PCM30 highway interface (which is able to connect to many telecom serial busses) and an universal external bus interface.  The HFC-4S or HFC-E1 is available as quad with 4 S/T interfaces or with a full E1 interface

  • New XHFC chip familyCologne Chip introduces its latest development: The successful ISDN HDLC FIFO Controllers (HFC Series) have been extended and once more been improved. The chips of XHFC Series are available in four port granularities from 1 up to 4 ISDN interfaces. The line interface mode for each port can be selected independently (TE mode or NT mode).  These components are perfectly suitable for almost all ISDN Basic Rate applications: from price sensitive single-port applications as terminal equipment (e.g. telephones) to sophisticated multi-port applications like VoIP gateways, IP Centrex and PABXs.

  •  ASK about our FPGA family: GateMateTM FPGA Suitable from small projects up to high volume applications

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